Building a Bridge to Your Professional Dance Career

Training Program: Rising Stars Professional Development

Enrollments for 2014 intake are now being considered.

Past Student Achievements

Lucid's "Rising Stars" program has only been running  since 2011 and yet we are delighted with the success achieved to date.

Joffery Ballet Company : Trainee Program : Chicago

                                                         (only recipient for 2012)

Royal New Zealand School of Dance

Rambert School of Dance : London

Northern School of Contemporary Dance : London

London School of Contemporary Dance

Lucid Dance Theatre


Personalised, full time coaching in classical and contemporary dance technique with a holistic approach to the development and preparedness of the dancer for a career in the professional dance world


Lucid Dance Theatre is offering a unique opportunity to work closely with its founding director Louise Deleur to refine and prepare

young pre-professional dancers for a career in dance. With an extensive national and international career as dancer, choreographer

and coach in classical and contemporary techniques, Louise has earned a high level of respect as a successful freelance artist.

​Louise has now established her own base in Brisbane to inspire and develop young dancers wishing to reach their goals towards a professional career in dance.


Lucid’s Rising Stars Finishing Program is an intensive and personalised bridging course designed to refine and develop the physical and mental aspects of young pre-professional dancers wishing to seek employment in the professional dance world. Based on the foundations of strong classical technique, the course will be integrated with a solid contemporary component reflecting the desire to create well versed dancers with a developed sense of movement for today’s employment opportunities. All teaching staff will chosen by their experience as either current or as ex-professional dancers


Limited vacancies are available with students being chosen either by audition or invite. Potential candidates for the Rising Stars Program will be from 15 years old, nearing the end of their studio training and looking for a bridge into the professional world of dance.

Younger students may be considered to participate on a part time bases however this will be totally at the discretion of the Director and only if a suitable time timetable can be arranged.

Successful students need to show a combination of strong basic training in classical ballet, appropriate physical aesthetics for dance, demonstrate

a sense of desire and ambition, an ability to work alone and with others and a willingness to learn.


Classes in Classical and Contemporary techniques will be held along with support programs of Pilates/Physio, Repertoire, Coaching and outcomes in

Performing. Opportunities to work with current Industry professionals will be sought and developed.

All dancers will start on a probation period to assess their compatibility for the course.



Providing a first class internationally respected finishing school for dancers in classical and contemporary techniques and to develop, nurture and refine their skills physically and mentally in preparedness for professional company life.


Technically strong and refined dancers with charismatic performance skills and a balanced approach to life’s challenges.

High standard of professional attitudes from all members and in all aspects of the work environment.

A continuous desire to develop and achieve ones goals.

An ever inspiring environment. 

A harmonious work environment that allows for all persons to reach their potential.

For all enquiries or further information and to register your interest please contact Louise Deleur at


Course information packs now available

Photo credit: Tom Baker

Photo credit: Tom Baker

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